How To Make A Business Proposal

To close a good deal with a promising client , your business acumen and audacity alone will not suffice; Many other factors will influence the final decision the customer makes. Today, the client has more information than ever and it is very likely that he has gone to many other companies to request a quote for the services he needs.

Finally, when selecting one of the companies, you will choose the one that offers you a better option, not only in terms of price, but also in terms of quality, delivery times, among others. Therefore, it is essential that you use an excellent commercial proposal, to earn the trust of the client and that, finally, they end up choosing you. Consult all the information about the proposals for companies necessary in the management of your business.

Definition Of Commercial Proposal

The commercial proposal is a document in which a person (either physical or legal) proposes to another (also physical or legal), a plan or offer of the products and services that it has for sale. Said commercial proposal focuses on presenting the points that the seller considers most important to the customer, which is who will finally value them and, based on them, will make the decision to accept the proposal and buy the product or, otherwise, accept that of another competing company.

The commercial proposal is a document where a natural or legal person offers a product or service to its potential client, detailing elements such as price, delivery times, explanation of technical characteristics, etc.

But, in the commercial proposal , far from what we commonly think, we will not only find the price of the product and its description. This can be accompanied by all kinds of documents: dossiers, graphics, videos, samples, etc. Let’s think that the more sugar, the sweeter. Therefore, everything that we offer in an original way in the commercial proposal will be a positive plus for us. We must try to stand out from the rest of the commercial proposals that the client receives.

How To Make A Business Proposal

To make a good commercial proposal it will be necessary for it to have a minimum of elements:

  • What are you offering.
  • The benefits that the person who consumes the product or service will obtain.
  • The scope and responsibilities of your work.
  • The time it will take to do it.
  • The price, of course.
  • The validity of the proposal. Is it valid for 30 days, for 6 months?
  • The terms and conditions that the client must accept and which both parties must abide by in case of signature.

These are basic elements that every business proposal should have. Basic information that any client will want, at least, to know. However, a proposal, precisely to stand out, must come out of what is traditionally known. What can we offer beyond the basics?

Well, really, making a good commercial proposal does not imply that it should have dozens of pages of product or service development, or that it has a great development. Rather, it is about applying a few simple tips so that the commercial proposal is as simple and direct, that it does not bore our client.

Thus, We Detail 4 Tips To Make A Business Proposal :

  1. Be concise . We don’t bore our client with technical details. The important thing at this time is to define the price well and not bore the person with unnecessary details, which can be dealt with at another point in the sales process.
  2. The price, as soon as possible . Let’s not kid ourselves, in short, it will be the first thing that interests us as customers. So, better avoid putting the price at the end of the commercial proposal .
  3. Deliver results . Instead of focusing on the benefits of our product or service, it is convenient to tell the client what benefits they will obtain from its use.
  4. Offer several options . If we give only one option, we risk everything to a single card. However, by giving, for example, 3 options, the customer is given more freedom to choose, and it gives us the possibility to also offer higher-end products.

We can use invoicing programs to generate it or we can easily create the company’s commercial budget with Excel . It is essential to have a tool that allows us to generate as many budgets as we need and streamlines the entire process.